Ab Rocket Twister

Ab Rocket Twister is cutting edge abdominal exercise training machine that helps in getting you flatter abs. Ideal for fitness freaks, this amazing invention can get you great shape for your body. The product provides full comfort of doing all the exercises to shape up your abs. It has got uniquely designed seat that gives you an option of twist and turn your lower body to maximize your workout. The three levels of resistance springs provided in it offers you perfect amount of resistance for any fitness level. Providing cushion support, Ab Rocket twister massages your body and prevents you from back and neck pains.

In daily life, while executing crunches, half crunch, sit-ups, reverse crunches and many other Ab exercises, people often get affected with back and neck pains. Ab rocket twister provides an ease of working out on your abs and be comfortable in all the exercises you do. It comes up with a variety of Ab exercising programs along with meal plan to help you shed all the extra inches from your body instantly.

What make it different from other exercising products available in the market?

Today, there are various different products available in the market that can help you shape your body and go for rigorous abdominal exercises. However, what make Ab rocket Twister different from others is its innovatively designed seat. It has got unique rollers supporting your back. These cushion rolls provide great support to your body and prevents your body from back and neck pains.

    Important Features

  • Cushion rolls while you rock
  • Supports back and neck
  • Massages while working out

Ab Rocket Twister Benefits

  • Unique way of burning calories and losing your weight.
  • Fitness equipment aims to assist women and men with toning up and strengthening the abdominal muscles.
  • Massages your back using three resistance levels.
  • Ab rocket twister can be utilized by both men and women of varying ages.
  • It provides the fun and easy way of working out at home.


The product package includes

  • Calories Meal Plan: Delicious daily meal plans to shed pounds and inches!
  • 5 Workout DVDs Combined on 1 Disk
  • Ab Rocket Program Beginner
  • Ab Rocket Program Intermediate
  • Ab Rocket Program Advanced
  • Total Body Sculpt
  • Extreme 5 minute Rapid Wire Workout

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Our Customers Reviews

I am using Ab Rocket Twister from past many year and it is simply awesome. It not just has given me great body shape but I now feel stronger. I advice you all to buy this fabulous product and enjoy its amazing benefits in your life.